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Hardware Inspiration: Rachel Roy


Images via Rachel Roy

Are you following Rachel Roy (@rachel_roy) on Instagram? 😮 Do it RIGHT NOW…..I’m serious…..waiting……Good job!! 🙂  I’ve always been crazy over finger-chain bracelets (I’m crazy for anything even remotely tribal) and Rachel’s photos have made me even more eager to over decorate my limbs 🙂

I’ve been carefully combing the internet for the past months trying to hunt down the right pieces. I started with Etsy because this trend wasn’t so mainstream until recently and Etsy is one of the best places for unique pieces. What I did find on Etsy sent me running back to google, it was either too chunky, too cheaply made or too tacky. After more digging I FINALLY found the simple, delicate pieces I was looking for.


Free People

Images via Free People

[L-R] Vintage Pearl Handpiece, Delicate Chain Handpiece, Contrast Bead Handpiece

The Trend Boutique

Images via The Trend Boutique

[L-R] Hard Couture Beaded Handpiece in Gunmetal, Hard Couture Bella Beaded Handchain in Gold



Images via The Trend Boutique, Mr. Kate & Free People

[L-R] The House of Harlow 1960 Engraved Double Ring in Yellow Gold, Dreamcatcher Lattice RingArmory Ring




Gianluca Santoro for

Tribes & Things

Kai zhal o vurdon vurma mekela”

“Where the Wagon goes, a trail is left”

– Romani Saying 


This is my trail.


A Tale of Tribes and Things.


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