Weekly Photo Catch-up 07.25.14

weekly update july 251. I spent most of my Sunday willing this frozen pizza into the oven with my mind in vain and eventually had to get up and prepare it only to return to my bed and devour it on freshly washed linens.
2. GPO-myself which I hardly ever post here but I might do more of now that I’ve mastered the art of the aaliyah sidesweep with curly hair.
3. I’ve been working through two of Caio’s books, trying not to lose my Portuguese and because he writes things that I feel oh so many feels about.
4. Sam Garrett is an angel whose voice pours over and fills all the cracks that need to be filled with light.
5. Truthfully, I  just really wanted to fall asleep (wine for some reason makes me sleep, no other type of alcohol does that) but ended up watching a documentary on Gordon Parks until 2am thanks to an introduction from the art of photography.
6. I think I love the idea of this contraption more than the coffee itself. I wanted to fight the foggyness in my brain and find the will to CLEAN THIS DAMN APARTMENT which I am still putting off as I write this post.

“Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these.” 

PS: I don’t think we fully understand the true meaning of tolerance until we have been gifted with the grace of someone else’s tolerance and forgiveness for our own wrongdoings and until we realize that we also have the same capacity to be vile and truly horrid that we so easily see in others. That is one of the unexpected lessons I learned this week.

PPS: Whose quote is this? I have seen it attributed to at least three different people online.

How was your week? Come on, you can tell me :)


Is this real life?


This is who I am in my head…in my mind…in my heart, a carefree meadow-dwelling creature but…what does that even mean?
Who is this girl in the photo?
Does she have a job?
Is it her dream job? Or is she working for $8.50 an hour, rearranging the same pile of clothes for 6 hours? Is she trying to pay off credit cards while still saving to make her dreams come true?
What are her dreams?
Who took this photo?
Was she out alone with a tripod and remote or was this whole thing her photographer boyfriend/best friend’s idea?
Where was this photo taken?
Was she taking her daily walk in the field near her house when the light was just right? or was it really cold, bleak and damp so in the post processing she warmed up the tones with a filter?
Why does any of this matter?
Why do we compare our lives to editorials and crucify ourselves because we think we’ve been found wanting?
Are we over-dreaming and over-thinking?
Is the problem that we dream too much instead of working to make our reality what we want it?
It’s much easier to dream isn’t it?
What is your ideal reality?


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